About Arcane Health

Arcane Health is passionate about the business of wellness & longevity. Our vision is the optimisation of body & mind through sustainable, organic channels. We are of the earth and whatever we require to flourish is provided by the earth. We believe in responsible stewardship & utilisation of her resources. One earth, one body, be enlightened. 

This concept of optimised wellness is now accessible to you through Arcane Health’s range of alternative health, nutritional supplements. Harnessing the benefits of medicinal mushrooms in combination with carefully selected natural components to deliver maximum holistic effect… give yourself the best chance of success, by accessing the best nutritional support available.

Our diverse team, with backgrounds in biotechnology, business finance, sales, and various training disciplines, brings you a unique range of versatile product combinations, equally diverse and able to cater to a wide variety of requirements, all with the goal of enhancing and optimising your sense of wakefulness & wellness.

Arcane Health believes in optimised efficiencies… empowering you to be the best version of yourself possible, because just like we have only one earth, we have only one body… be enlightened.

Why did we start the company?

Arcane Health was conceptualised with the goal of facilitating access to natural health support, alternative healing solutions and the promotion of the perfect balance between the organic source of health & nutrition and the sustainable & efficient utilisation thereof by people, thus sourcing & supplying nature’s original “smart drugs” and promoting the move away from artificially conceived solutions.

Through natural sources, Arcane Health’s products encourage the achievement of (non-specific) and acquired (specific) immune responses and the activation of various types of immune cells and genetic components important for the maintenance of homeostasis within the body, and for the body within the environment. 

There are over 270 species of medicinal mushrooms, many of which continue to gain scientific attention for their abilities to modulate immunity, fight cancer, lower blood pressure, reduce cholesterol, reduce oxidative stress, and protect against radiation damage. The research and findings offer powerful support for immune, digestive, hepatic, renal, endocrine, neurological health and much more.

Mushrooms have long been revered as rich sources of distinct therapeutic compounds including lipids, proteoglycans, polysaccharides, alkaloids, vitamins, minerals, enzymes, and antioxidants that demonstrate complex beneficial relationships with biological systems. This knowledge has not only fuelled the development of a lucrative market for mushrooms and mushroom based products, but continues to fuel worldwide scientific research into these fascinating natural phenomena. 

Arcane Health supports these initiatives, and strives to leverage this research in making these supplements available to our customers through our range of alternative health, medicinal mushroom products.